The 100 Wishes, handmade by fairy hands

It's a great team of girls who, on a daily basis, do their best to turn your projects into beautiful Blankets and Booklets, filled with love and positive vibes!

Our Workshop is located in Crépy-en-Valois, North of Paris

If you feel like stopping by to say hello, you would discover Justine juggling between emails, the phone and projects' monitoring, Adina, Patricia and Camille cutting or assembling your wonders, and Margot in reporter mode to share with you the adventures of all this little world ?.


As a conductor, we find Marion, who, after having discovered the Bai Jia Bei tradition and produced her first Blanket for her niece, decided to bring this magnificent ancestral tradition up to date.

After a few years of assuming the role of mom-employee-entrepreneur-seamstress-webmistress and thanks to your more than positive feedback, the filming of the TV show "Who wants to be my business partner?" on M6 allowed Marion to give the 100 Wishes another dimension, by creating a real team and by setting up a sewing workshop, in order to bring together your loved ones to celebrate all the events of your life!

" Whether it is a question of pearls, painting, knitting, embroidery or even sewing, since my youngest age and guided by family tradition, I have always had to occupy my ten fingers with creation...

They are talking about the 100 Wishes:

The Mam'Advisor Grand Prix!

We are very proud to have won the Mam'Advisor 2022 Grand Prix in the "Good Idea" category! A big thank you to the testing families, the jury and Jill; and congratulations to the winners!


France 3 Picardie

A television report on our involvement in the fight against breast cancer and on our operation in collaboration with Ruban Rose. Thank you Clément and Tristan for your beautiful spotlight!


Who Wants To Be My Business Partner?

M6's successful TV show which allowed us to publicize our project.
A huge recognition to the production team who believed in us.
And to the investor who took the risk of taking the plunge!


The Nursery Schools TV Show

The most faithful of our friends.
They have been kindly accompanying us since our first steps and come back regularly to hear from us.


Good Morning TV Show

A nice presentation of the 100 Wishes in the show.
And in the section "Personalized gifts handmade in France".
Thank you Marie for your great presentation!


The Parisian Newspaper

This press reference liked our concept and covered us with tenderness to make us discover by as many people as possible.
Cindy, thank you, you are and always will be welcome!


20 Minutes

The newspaper “20 Minutes” presents our lovely concept to its readers! Thank you Gilles for your very nice article.


BFM Business

That morning, Les 100 Vœux was “The nugget” in “Good Morning Business”! A nice exchange with the BFM Business journalists around our concept of personalized and handmade Blankets. Thank you Noémie for your invitation and your trust!


Great Collaborations:

Tiffany & Family

We had the great joy of making an awesome Blanket to celebrate the wonderful love story of Tiffany and Justin.
100 wishes written from the heart for an unforgettable adventure!